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23 Apr 2014

For online vendors, Easter comes as a long money spinning season because on this special occasion, customers get a plenty of things to buy to celebrate the event. From online boutiques to toy shops, there is seen a great customers’ load everywhere in the online shops. However, just getting visitors’ load is not the ultimate guarantee that you are going to get the sales accordingly.

To get the potential client converted into real buyers, you need to go an extra mile in your sales and customer service strategies. The best option is to have live chat support incorporated in your e-commerce website.

Proactive Interaction

Waiting for customers to approach you is no longer a good strategy because they have much more options available just on a click. Therefore, on the busy season like Easter or Christmas, approaching your website visitors proactively is a good step because it not only makes them feel valued but it also gives you a chance to engage them in your services.

Create Engaging Customer Experience

You need to create an engaging customer experience till it earns you a sale. For this, you need to keep a track of visitors’ activities on your website. Just like in the typical brick and mortar store, a customer in e-store also needs an assistant at different instants, especially if he is a first time visitor of your website. By approaching him at the right time and providing him on-the-spot, real time and personalized assistance, you can create a sales winning customer experience on your website.

Personalize Assistance

As live chat service enables chat operators to conduct one-on-one conversation; therefore, every customer can get personalized assistance. During a live chat session, a potential client can get all his concerns resolved on-the-spot. Thus, live chat gives you a chance to build your customers trust in your products and service.

After Sale Support

After-sale support is one of the biggest advantages that live chat support offers to vendors as well as customers. Usually, when a live chat session ends, a copy of the chat transcript is emailed to the customers automatically. By reminding the previous enhanced shopping experience to your customers, it entices them to revisit and repurchase from your e-shop. Thus, it keeps you alive in the memories of your customers.


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