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25 Apr 2014

To be one of the best live chat support companies, not only you need to focus on the quality of the software but also the techniques you use while delivering an online service. By learning some basic tricks and lessons, you can stand out among the top live chat service providers. This article describes in detail, the basic lessons you should learn, in order to make a mark in the online business world. 

Today, almost every entrepreneur is familiar with the importance of providing live chat support on an e-commerce website, because over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of live chat service companies.

Many of the best live chat service companies, who have topped the modern online market, are those, who know how to use it properly to scale up their businesses. Here is the list of some basic lessons, which every online service providing company should learn: 

1.      Set a Proactive Greeting Time – Do Not Rush to Approach Customers

Undoubtedly, a proactive live chat approach is useful in various ways to connect, interact and engage with customers but overdoing it can reverse the results. For instance, when a visitor lands on a website, he needs some time to settle and have a look on the content and other stuff but if you rush to approach him, it would certainly divert his attention, ultimately creating an annoying experience on your website. Therefore, you need to set a proper time for the proactive chat greetings according to the location of the visitor on your page. For checkout page, you can set a relatively shorter time period because this is the stage where your potential client is to decide whether to purchase or to quit a shopping cart.

2.      Do Not Be Robotic in Your Approach

One of the reasons for customers to shop from e-shops with live support chat service is that these carry an essence of real touch. Therefore, avoid overusing the canned messages because these give a robotic feel to your e-store, ultimately taking away the feel of real-time support.

3.      Keep Updating your Canned Messages

To maintain the element of relevance in your live support sessions, you should keep updating your canned messages with the changes in your policies, promotions, discounts and services. In the similar way, on special occasions, there is a need to customize your pre-designed messages accordingly.

4.      Maintain Speed

The biggest factor for which ‘live chat service’ is preferred over email and telephonic support is, its speed. By embedding online chat support on their e-commerce websites, not only vendors can get connected to their customers on impulses; rather they give a chance to visitors, to approach a service agent just in a matter of seconds. According to a survey, 62% of the online shoppers revealed that the human support on an e-shop entices them to make a purchase.

5.      Use a Neutral Approach

By using chat support service on your website, you can engage customers in one-on-one conversation, where you get a chance to convince them to purchase from you. However, do not overdo the selling through live chat because it may sometimes annoy your customers; because, they never like to be forced into making a purchase. Instead of using a ‘Pushy’ approach, you should remain neutral and entice your customers through your quality online service.

6.      Be Transparent in Revealing Product’s and Delivery Costs

While serving online through live chat support, you get enough chance to provide detailed, precise and immediate information to your customers. Therefore, make sure that you have clearly explained the products’ price and delivery costs beforehand, because hidden delivery charges thought to be become the biggest cause for customers to abandon shopping cart at the checkout stage.

Thus, learning these useful basic lessons, you can make your live chat service standout even in the steep market competition.