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22 May 2014

The biggest reason for vendors to install live chat software in their e-commerce websites is to ease the online shopping experience. The innovative online support channel has duly flourished the online retailing to a greater extent.  Remarkably shifting an e-commerce website to virtual e store, live chat support has gained a faster popularity in the online business world.

It is certainly the customers’ positive response towards live chat that has given it a due place in the market.  There are various reasons for customers’ fast acceptance of live chat support as it has helped them getting connected to the real chat persons while shopping online.

Here are some common views from all the customers.

Builds Stronger Relation with a Brand

According to a market research 55% of the customers revealed that interacting with real sales persons through live chat software help building a stronger rapport with a particular brand. This web-based chat application actually helps customers interact to the live chat operators without any hurdle. The shopping experience becomes memorable when the CSRs start textual-based conversation with their customers in their native languages. Thus, the strong and effective communication through live chat closes gaps between online vendors and customers.

More Likely to Buy from a Website with Live Chat Software

The brands providing live chat support on their websites have become the first preference of their customers. As the research indicated that 51% of customers said that they are more likely to purchase from a brand, which they can contact through live chat. Live chat actually develops a seamless, one-on-one and fast connection between online customers and the vendors. A chat session enables a customer to get all his queries resolved on-the-spot. They do not need to stand long in the queues to get their questions answered rather the multitasking feature of the chat software enables single chat agent to handle multiple customers simultaneously.

Quick Response makes them spread a Positive Word-of-Mouth

70% of customers indicated that getting quick responses through live chat support make them spread positive word-of-mouth about a brand. Waiting long in the queues is perhaps the biggest hassle for customers. Therefore, if an online company manages to reduce the response time through live chat, it gets their negative opinions converted in the positive remarks that get spread to other through social media platform.


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