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09 Jul 2014

Live chat support is an amazing technology, with advantages that surpass the amount of money invested on it. It makes communication easy, helps increasing sales and earns customer loyalty. However, like every other technology, this too only works if used correctly. Sometimes, though not intentionally, you might be committing mistakes that would produce opposite results due to mistakes that instead of earning customer loyalty lead to failure and dissatisfaction. Take a look at the performance of your live chat operators and see if they are committing mistakes like:

Responding late

Live chat is all about speed. The faster your service is, the better it will be in terms of results. Most of the times, the operators are either too slow or are too busy to reply to a customer instantly. On average, an operator should respond within a minute of the query, but if for any reason this is not the case, it is not good for you.

You operators are taking too many breaks

The job of a live chat operator is indeed tough, but it is rightly so. As said, live chat depends on speed and taking too many breaks will increase the response time leading to customer frustration. So, it is very important that you keep a constant check on the breaks of your operators.

The operators are robotic

A very important aspect of live chat is that it is supposed to have a human element. Customers do not like talking to robots and unfortunately live chat has the tendency to sound very inanimate. But, if communicated wisely you can ensure that your operators are humans not machines.

The product and service knowledge is weak

Apart from being fast, your operators are supposed to be accurate and very competent. After all, how would they help customers if they don’t know anything? You have to make sure that your operators have up to date information regarding your services and products so that they can guide the customers well.

Issues are left unresolved

This one mistake is actually unforgivable. Customers might forgive you for being slow but they will not forgive you for unresolved issues. No one likes to return again and again for just one problem so it is essential that customer issues are resolved on the first contact.

Live chat operators serve as a backbone for your live chat service, so measuring their performance is very crucial for success of your business.


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