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15 Sep 2014

All the business ideas do not get a real implementation for one reason or the other. Some of the thoughts just remain closed in the box because apparently their implementation seems impossible. Can an entrepreneur running an e-business think of getting the same or more privileges, which an owner of brick and mortar store get while dealing with the online customers? Apparently this is something impossible to achieve for the online vendors because they cannot see their customers behind the curtain. The lack of real-time connectivity makes it difficult for them to read out their clients’ minds.

However, the situation has changed to a greater extent, now with the arrival of new business tools and technologies; it has become easier for vendors to head towards innovation.

Make your E-Store a True Mimic of a Walk-in Shop

The online business world is continuously seeing a great progress since the arrival of live chat support in global market. With the arrival of this innovative business tool, vendors can easily make their e-store a true mimic of a brick & mortar store where customers receive a proper welcome on their arrival. They are accompanied by the customer service and sales persons throughout their journey on a shop. Live chat enables you to welcome online customers on your e-store by sending them a proactive greeting message. The purpose of this message is not only to indicate your real time presence but also to create a feel of a walk-in shop. You can even have a seamless one-on-one live chat conversation with your potential clients, allowing them to inquire all that helps them completing a purchase process on your website.

Reach out to International Customers without Spending Much Time and Money

Advertising and publicizing your business even in the local market, consumes a lot of time as well as money. You have to hire a good advertising company or have to spend a lot on your marketing team and if you want to target the international market, be ready for spending a handsome amount.  If you have live chat support software integrated in your e-commerce website then it makes no difference how far your potential client is. You and your potential client can approach one another only in a matter of seconds.

Win Brand Ambassadors

The innovative chat application enables you to go an extra mile in serving your online customers. You can provide on-the-spot, humanly and personalized assistance which makes it easier for your potential clients to shop online. Using the tracking feature of live chat, you can monitor all the activities of visitors on your website; you can get to know on which page of your website, a visitor is spending more time. If he is taking longer than normal, you can approach him proactively to evaluate either he is stuck or interested to explore more. Thus, by providing timely and precise assistance, you can create a memorable customer experience on your website, which ultimately helps you earn brand ambassadors.



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