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21 Oct 2014

If you have decided to upgrade your online service then certainly there is no better option than incorporating live chat support in your website. It is evident from the different market results and surveys that there has been a continuous rise in the usage of this technology because it has proved beneficial for both – the online entrepreneurs as well as for the customers.

For its unlimited benefits and useful features, it has become a part and parcel of e-commerce websites. Being a new user of the live chat technology, you need to keep some key points in view before launching it.

·       1: Make sure you have chosen the right live chat software that not only best meets your online business needs but is also easy to install.

·         2: Is your chat software visible to every visitor on your website?

·         3: Does the logo and chat window have a compatibility with your overall web design? You can make it compatible by using the customizing options.

·         4: Is your team of live chat support software fully trained and equipped? Are they well-trained to handle different kinds of situations?

·         5: Have you set a proper criterion to maintain the feel of human support through live chat service? For this you need to have a defined policy for the usage of canned and manual messages. Do not let the usage of pre-designed messages cross a certain limit because it will certainly take away the essence of real-touch from your online service.

·         6: One of the top reasons for which the customers prefer to shop from the e-stores with live chat support is that they provide round the clock service. Therefore, make sure you have your live chat agents available 24/7. You can do this by dividing the responsibilities and tasks in different shifts.

·         7: Make sure you have developed a proper strategy to regularly monitor the productivity of your chat service. This will also help you evaluate the performance of your CSRs and effectiveness of your service.

·        8:  For the language support, you need to hire native people so that no errors occur during a live communication.


By taking care of these key points before launching your live chat service, you can deliver an online customer support that will help you win a loyal customer base. You can even get a competitive edge in the crowded online market.


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