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07 Nov 2014

Why is that important for businesses and companies to improve their first call resolution rate? Usually, the companies, which are good at resolving their customers’ issues, have a positive reputation in the market. Moreover, the high FCR rate also endorses company’s customer-centric approach. Undoubtedly, your customer service policies, the use of customer support tools and the abilities of your CSRs has a direct effect on the provision of a top class service but one thing that stands above all is live chat software.

Let us get into some detail about how this business tool has helped online vendors to improve their customer service standard.

Seamless Conversation

The first condition to resolve your customers’ issues in the first attempt is to establish a seamless connectivity with your potential clients so that the customers could get the answers to all the confusions and queries at once. While running an online business, the biggest problem vendors come across is the lack of seamless connectivity. When connecting with a customer through emails, the conversation no longer remains seamless because there remains a gap. However, with live chat support incorporated in their e-commerce websites, the vendors can have one-on-one conversation with their clients.

Provide Real-Time Solution

By establishing a seamless connectivity, vendors can provide real-time support, on-the-spot and personalized answers to their customers’ queries. A customer can either start a conversation by sending a message through chat box window, or a chat agent can proactively approach potential clients arriving on their websites. As in a brick and mortar store, where the CSRs accompany their clients throughout the journey, the live chat agents in a virtual store keep an eye on their shoppers’ activities by using the real-time visitor monitoring feature. When a potential client spends more time on a web page, the chat agents approach him proactively by sending a message. If the customer accepts the chat request, he can continue chatting with the live chat agents to get all the answers to his queries.

Enables you to deliver on-the-spot Responses

Live chat operators are usually knowledgeable and well-trained to provide immediate responses to their customers. When a potential online shopper navigates through an e-commerce website, at some instants he comes across some confusion which may hinder his purchase process. However, the live chat button on your website would encourage him to take assistance. Thus, by providing instant answers to your customers’ queries, you can help them continue their purchase.


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