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14 Nov 2014

Like every other sector, technology does affect the online business. The progress in the information technology has inculcated major changes in the world of e-commerce. Everything in the online business world from advertising to marketing, customer service and sales, has changed on the whole.

Now, online businesses are not much reliant on the ads; instead to convince a customer there is a need to give some prior practical demonstration of what a customer sells. Businesses do not need to run expensive marketing campaigns; instead the social media marketing has made it much easier for the entrepreneurs to reach out to the international market in a relatively shorter time span.

The reason, for which most of the businesses are shifting to the online world, is that technology has shifted everything from complex to simpler. By having live chat software incorporated in their e-commerce websites, online businesses now can get connected to their customers only in a matter of seconds. The innovative technology has created high-level ease both for the entrepreneurs as well as the customers.

Now, online vendors can create the feel of brick and mortar stores on their website where they allow potential clients to purchase anything with great ease and comfort. Customers do not need to rack their minds to establish connectivity with a customer service agent because the presence of a live chat button enables him to ask for help just by typing a text message. The CSRs take just a few seconds to respond to such messages and most of the time they catch up the potential clients proactively.

By engaging customers in seamless, text-based conversation, live chat agents allow them to get immediate answers to their questions. When a client receives a high-standard customer support, he shares the positive experience on social media, where the message gets spread to thousands of other clients. Thus a positive-word of mouth proves more influential than any other thing.

On the whole, live chat support has revolutionized the online business completely. It has not only improved the overall working of the online companies but has also boosted the sales volume. Now, the businesses can handle traffic load in much efficient way because a single chat agent can handle multiple customers simultaneously. Moreover, the live chat app has enabled customers to shop through their hand-held gadgets like –iPhone and tablets. Thus, using this technology, the online businesses cannot only increase their sales volume but can also earn a world-wide recognition in a relatively shorter time span.