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27 Nov 2014

What is the value of customer service for an online business? Today, customer service is given the core value by online businesses because this has a direct impact on the success and failure of a business.

A business with a high-quality customer support not only earns a good reputation in the market but also gets a boost in its overall conversion rate and sales. This is the reason why today, the online businesses are utilizing all of their efforts and resources to serve their customers in the best possible ways. Here are some modern customer service trends and the ways using which online businesses can easily follow them.

Be Proactive

In this fast-paced world, where you have to face hundreds of competitors around you, there is a need to use a proactive approach to get a client. You have to move forward to catch a customer instead of waiting for him to approach you. The best way an online business can become expert in using proactive approach is by incorporating live chat software in its website, because it allows chat agents to instantly reach out to a potential shopper, right after he lands.

Speedy Response

Always remember that customers are no more tolerant enough to wait long for getting the answers or responses to their queries. They just want everything done at their beck and call. The more an online business increases its speed of response, the more likely it is to get positive remarks and feedback. Live chat support makes it much easier for the CSRs to provide on-the-spot answers to their customers’ queries.


Personalization is necessary for building rapport with your clients. Customers want to be remembered, they feel great if the CSRs call them by their names or recall either they are visiting the website for more than one time. Moreover, getting personalized answers to their questions is what makes them more satisfied and happier with a particular customer service. Therefore, they like to visit an e-store where they are provided personalized assistance at every step of their online purchase. No matter, you are on the telephone, using email or live chat, keep up the element of personalization.

Stay Around 24/7

The moment you are away, you may miss bundles of golden opportunities. If you really want your business to gain customers from across the globe, providing 24/7 service is the compulsion because it eliminates the time-zone difference which may otherwise hamper you to catch up you international clients.


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