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17 Dec 2014

Flexible customer support service is something that no business can afford to overrule if it aims to remain a ‘going concern’ in the longer run. In order to stay loyal to your business, your customers expect a value-adding return from you, and to sustain that loyalty you need to cater to them even if you have to go the extra mile.

Though, your products or services should be strong enough to maintain long-term bonding between customers and your business, embarking on a live chat service though your business website is likely to bolster that connection.

Let’s skim through some of the benefits that the provision of real-time chat support can bring forth.

Live Chat Enhances Customer Convenience

Do you really not care for the convenience of your customers and expect them to stay with you? Customers are important stakeholders of every business and they need to be kept exultant all the time.

Online Chat support certainly plays an important role in augmenting customer convenience. It can allow prospective buyers to get intimated about product specifications in detail without much hassle. While your current customers can either confirm the status of their order or suggest any improvements using the live chat service even from the comforts of their home. In in this way, you can take good care of the convenience of your customers and make them remain loyal to you.

Save Business Expenses With Live Chat

A live chat agent can handle multiple chats/customers at a time, allowing you to save money by not needing to hire extra experts. Moreover, you can increase average order value and curb product returns by embedding real-time chat support on your website. A webgreeter or a live chat agent can convince annoyed customers to keep the product and make them understand its utility. Last but not least, you can reduce overall helpdesk costs by shortening waiting time - when compared to the customer support provided through conventional call centres.

Outshine Competitors

Amid increasing competition in the market, you need to adopt right strategies to outshine your competitors and maintain or even increase your market share. Not only small and medium-sized organisations have realised the significance of live chat support, but the bigger giants in the market, now seem to be mulling the importance of real-time support service to gain competitive advantage.

You can outperform your competitors by offering a convenient live chat support to your customers and keep them posted about the unique traits that should clip them to your business.


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