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17 Mar 2015

Ups and downs are different stages, which every business especially a startup faces but for becoming a successful entrepreneur, you must strive to keep your repute intact. An entrepreneur’s every effort from marketing to advertising and customer service is meant to get more customers and sales. Sometimes despite doing all, a business starts losing customers and the most probable reasons of which are given as follows.

1.      Price Concerns

Price is the major concern of the majority of the customers. If you are selling your products on relatively higher rates, customers would surely try to find better alternatives. Moreover, sometimes customers don’t get satisfied with the compatibility of price and quality of a product. Therefore, you need to design and sell a product on the rates, which could motivate customers to purchase and repurchase from you. Offer products on competitive rates, which are suitable for you and easy are to be paid by your potential clients.

2.      Product Quality Concerns

This is the biggest concern for which you have to pay heavy price in terms of losing a particular client forever. Therefore, keep the quality at the top and pricing accordingly is necessary for any kind of business. The quality of the product should be good enough so that it could entice customers to make a purchase and repurchase from you. Moreover, there are chances that after making a purchase from your store, the customers would recommend the product to other people in their circle.  

3.      Poor Customer Service

The standard of your business is perceived from the quality of the service. With a high customer experience, you can attract customers to make a purchase from you. For online businesses, customer service is even bigger concern due to lack of face-to-face contact of clients and CSRs. However, some high profile businesses, with high customer serving spirit prefer to go an extra mile in improving the standard of their service and for this, they mostly take the edge of tools such as live chat software.

4.      Ignoring Customers’ Complaints

Taking customers’ complaints for granted, a business is more likely to face bounce rate and increased shopping cart abandonment. Make proper criteria for resolving your clients’ issues and concerns as by doing it you can convert these complaints into golden opportunities for your business. By incorporating live chat support on your business website, you can provide immediate and personalized responses of your clients’ complaints.