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19 May 2015

As compared to a brick and mortar store, an online business is not as privileged to come in face-to-face contact with its clients, so having a closer look on their activities becomes difficult. In such a situation an online business vendor needs a real-time monitoring to get more control over its business.

The methods and tools which you use for real-time monitoring are important. Make sure the techniques and tools you use are reliable enough to provide you accurate and real-time results. These days, most of the entrepreneurs are taking the edge of live chat software that enables them to have a closer look ofvisitors’ activities on their websites.

Here is how this chat application empowers online businesses.

Lifts the Customer Service Standards

The detailed information gathered through this software such as,  location of a visitor,  time of its arrival, the pages it has visited or currently visiting, the membership details or any other additional information provided before the chat session starts enables your CSRs to get prepared and come up with more relevant responses.

Maintaining the Speed of Response

Beforehand information about a visitor, makes the CSRs more alert; therefore, they get enough time to get ready to provide quick, personalized and to-the-point responses. This way, your CSRs can maintain a high standard service not only by saving their own time but the time of their potential visitors too. Moreover, the shorter and relevant responses also verify that customers are being dealt by real-humans, not the machines.

A Targeted Customer Engagement

While using chat software, your live chat operators get notified of every new entry on your website, this way they can approach them right on the moment they land. Moreover, by tracking the location of a visitor on your website and seeing the keywords search you can well analyze what a potential client is actually looking for.

Alert for Proactive Customer Support

By keeping a track of visitors’ arrival and their activities, a live chat operator can be well prepared for sending a proactive chat invitation. The data collected about a visitor lets the operators to know when and where to approach a potential client proactively and which kind of message they should use. For instance, if a visitor is on checkout stage, then there is need to amend the message accordingly. 


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