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14 Apr 2016

Perhaps, the most common problem for customers so far is long hold time, which ceases them from gaining assistance or registering complaint in-time. This issue has resulted in severe consequences as businesses get to see high bounce rates and increased shopping cart abandonment. According to , Long wait and hold times also mean lost sales, bigger service issues when they do come up, and customers who are ready to jump to another provider at a moment's notice.”

Given below are five basic steps to minimizing customers’ wait time.

1.      Monitor the Front-End

You must eliminate all the inconveniences that customers face while connecting with the support staff. For this, you must monitor customer experience on your e-store, right from the moment they land on to your website. Business managers should also ask themselves whether their staff is providing correct and to-the-point information to the visitors. Or do their customers know how they can connect with the service staff on different channels. The answer to these questions will allow them to greatly improve the customer journey.

2.      Provide Omni-Channel Support

Omni-channel support is the best solution to reduce hold or wait time. Instead of relying on one channel, entrepreneurs should leverage telephone, email, live chat and other similar support tools.

3.      Appoint Trained Personnel

Only well-trained customer service representatives will take less time to assist customers. So ensure that your CSRs should have received relevant training to effectively handle assigned channels. It will help them tackle different situations and provide timely aid to customers.  

4.      Anticipate Customers’ Queries

Anticipating customers’ queries beforehand can also be a great help in providing immediate assistance. By foreseeing customers’ needs, CSRs can prepare themselves in providing quick and accurate answers of their queries.


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