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30 Sep 2014

Undoubtedly, for its high functionality and umpteenth benefits, live chat is being used as a primary support channel for most of the e-business entrepreneurs but the biggest reason is the customers’ high demand for this support channel.

According to Forester research, 44% of the customers revealed that getting answers to their questions in the middle of a purchase process is the best feature an e-commerce website can offer. For a website delivering on-the-spot and real-time assistance is only possible through live chat because sending personalized emails and making individual calls, has never been a feasible option for various reasons.

Since the businesses today are using a customer-centric...

15 Sep 2014

All the business ideas do not get a real implementation for one reason or the other. Some of the thoughts just remain closed in the box because apparently their implementation seems impossible. Can an entrepreneur running an e-business think of getting the same or more privileges, which an owner of brick and mortar store get while dealing with the online customers? Apparently this is something impossible to achieve for the online vendors because they cannot see their customers behind the curtain. The lack of real-time connectivity makes it difficult for them to read out their clients’ minds.

However, the situation has changed to a greater extent, now with the arrival of new business tools and technologies;...

11 Sep 2014

Undoubtedly, the quality of the product or service, you are selling in the market, plays a key role in the success as well as the failure of a business but one fact that is common for all kinds of businesses is, ‘the customer service’ because this is what a potential buyer experiences about a company at first.

If you want to get a competitive edge in the jam-packed market, you must understand the difference between ‘customer service’ and the quality customer service.

Here are some important facts about quality customer support.

·         According to a market survey 82% consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from a company after receiving a high-standard customer experience. An online...

26 Aug 2014

Are you planning to upscale your online business? Which factors or changes let you define the progress of your business?

If a business sees a considerable upsurge in its clientele and overall profits in a defined time period let us say in a time-span of one year, it means that it is making due progress. None of the businesses can beat the competition and move ahead, unless they offer high quality services as well as products. To reach up to a certain level, every business regardless of its type and size has to go an extra mile in serving its customers.

From connectivity to serving, there is a need to bring ‘ease’ and ‘speed’ in everything, so that the customers find no reason to leave your...

09 Jul 2014

Live chat support is an amazing technology, with advantages that surpass the amount of money invested on it. It makes communication easy, helps increasing sales and earns customer loyalty. However, like every other technology, this too only works if used correctly. Sometimes, though not intentionally, you might be committing mistakes that would produce opposite results due to mistakes that instead of earning customer loyalty lead to failure and dissatisfaction. Take a look at the performance of your live chat operators and see if they are committing mistakes like:

Responding late

Live chat is all about speed. The faster your service is, the better it will be in terms of results. Most of the times, the...

22 May 2014

The biggest reason for vendors to install live chat software in their e-commerce websites is to ease the online shopping experience. The innovative online support channel has duly flourished the online retailing to a greater extent.  Remarkably shifting an e-commerce website to virtual e store, live chat support has gained a faster popularity in the online business world.

It is certainly the customers’ positive response towards live chat that has given it a due place in the market.  There are various reasons for customers’ fast acceptance of live chat support as it has helped them getting connected to the real chat persons while shopping online.

Here are some common views from all the customers....

09 May 2014

A cheat sheet is a set of guidelines, made to assist the operators while interacting with a customer. In order to maintain the quality of the performance and to make sure that the operators are providing a top class performance, a manual of etiquettes and mannerisms must be given to them.

The mannerism and the etiquettes of the operators while conversing with the customers, play a vital role in live chat support. It is important that a professional attitude is adopted by the chat agents and customers are dealt in the best possible way. A business can only be successful, if its customers are treated nicely; your operators hold a huge responsibility in this regard, as it is their behavior that...

30 Apr 2014

Live chat support is perhaps the most convenient channel of customer service. Not only does it provide customers an efficient mode of communication, but also ensures customer loyalty, increased sales and greater revenue. Here we have discussed that why it is essential for you to include live chat in your business plan.

Customer service is a very important area of any business. This field deals with customers’ issues and complaints along with assisting them while making a transaction or a purchase. Since it is focused on dealing with the customers, it is quite a delicate area and needs a lot of consideration. While devising your business plan, it is important that you pay special attention on...

25 Apr 2014

To be one of the best live chat support companies, not only you need to focus on the quality of the software but also the techniques you use while delivering an online service. By learning some basic tricks and lessons, you can stand out among the top live chat service providers. This article describes in detail, the basic lessons you should learn, in order to make a mark in the online business world. 

Today, almost every entrepreneur is familiar with the importance of providing live chat support on an e-commerce website, because over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of live chat service companies.

Many of the best live chat service companies, who...

23 Apr 2014

For online vendors, Easter comes as a long money spinning season because on this special occasion, customers get a plenty of things to buy to celebrate the event. From online boutiques to toy shops, there is seen a great customers’ load everywhere in the online shops. However, just getting visitors’ load is not the ultimate guarantee that you are going to get the sales accordingly.

To get the potential client converted into real buyers, you need to go an extra mile in your sales and customer service strategies. The best option is to have live chat support incorporated in your e-commerce website.

Proactive Interaction

Waiting for customers to approach you is no longer a good strategy because...